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tv   News  ABC  November 24, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EST

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to spread on the road. >> who is the person that came up with that? >> i don't know. >> molasses out there. here's meteorologist justin berk. all your scientific data - dismi would suggest from my scientific perspective not to dip your waffles in the street. though if megan does it maybe we can follow. 48 degrees. you have to see that story by the way to know what we're talking about. it's coming up in a few minutes. 48 baltimore. 50 in easton. over towards dover, 46 up towards york. all with areas of drizzle, even light rain left over. you can see the raidair thinning out and spreading out the green which means not the heavier rains we had overnight. still lingering rain but in between that we still have leftover drizzle this morning. and that will continue into the afternoon with periods of drizzle and low gray cloud deck that will lock us in with the temperatures of 51 this afternoon. we'll warm up a little tomorrow and thanksgiving but that also comes with more rain, more on that coming up in a bit.
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6:30. let's check the roads with kim. hopefully food-free. >> we have a new crash reported on the inner loop that is going to be at loch raven boulevard, but on the outer loop west side, no incidents to let you know about as you make your way to the baltimore national pike. in annapolis, a crash is reported in the eastbound lanes of route 50 at ritchie highway so use caution there. and in brooklyn park, westbound route 170, bell grove road, in that area, downed trees in the road at 6th avenue, have that closed in both directions. you can use ritchie highway to get around that as well. in baltimore, a crash at annapolis road and russell street. the jfx is looking good at north avenue. no problems as you make your way southbound headed towards downtown. back to you. 6:31. they are passing notes. one of them said i need a smoke break. another said we are making progress. abc2 news linda so reports on the fourth day of deliberations in mayor sheila dixon's trial.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are all watching and waiting, wondering if this could be the day a verdict is reached. so far the jury has been at it for 18 hours over three days. and they will be back at it again this morning. the jury went home monday afternoon after sending a note to the judge saying "we have not completed deliberations but we're making progress." they asked if they can continue tomorrow. the judge let them go home saying he wants to follow the jury's lead in this case. earlier in the day it appeared as if the jury could be close to a verdict. they sent a vote around 11:30 saying they were making great progress. then another note seeking clarification on a piece of state's evidence. juror 11 wanted to know whether a list of needy families compiled by a dixon aide while she was still council president was still considered a valid exhibit. the judge said it was. her attorney has the wait has been tough. >> he it's not easy but the
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mayor is holding up very well and as you know from this past weekend she was out and about her business and doing the city's business and when she leaves the courtroom she goes back to city hall and does business. >> deliberations will resume at 9:00 this morning. we'll be in court and bring you a verdict as soon as there is one. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. abc2 news will be in court waiting for the verdict. we're going to bring it to you as soon as it happens. so be sure to watch all day for the latest details. you can also get updates 24/7 on-line at the state highway administration is going to be trying a new sweet way to melt snow and ice for us on the roads this winter. sugar beat molasses will be used as a pretreatment for salt and roads in howard county and fredrick county. molasses helps salt and sand bind in the roads more effectively and kind of work better to lower the temperatures. the people we talked to had a
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mixed reyaxz to the idea. >> i think it's sounds ridiculous but if -- i would have to think you must be pulling my leg, molasses on the road to keep sticking to the road? >> a little goofy but if it works why not? >> depending on the success of the molasses plan the program may be expanded to other counties in 2011. stores will be pulling out all the stops this week to try to get people to spend some money. we all know e-bay is an on-line shopping site but listen to this. this year they have a store. it's in new york city and it is the first on-line auction site store. while you can't actually buy the items that are on display in the store you can shop for them there. there are more than a dozen computer terminals set up waiting for you to bid. mobile e-bay stores have also been driving through about a dozen cities around the country to try to drum up sales. abc2 news wants to save you money this holiday season. before heading to the ebay.coms
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out there head to and find out the best black friday deals. heading to the eastern shore for thanksgiving? the trip may be a little easier now. >> a major road is hours from opening. that will allow more time with family and friends and less time stuck in traffic. a proposed law that requires businesses to tell you what they won't do. why this plan is so are a verbal. 6:35. 48 degrees. that hasn't changed much this morning. still 100% humidity. spray on the roads from the other cars and yes, still leftover showers and drizzle. and it looks like it may stay that way for much of the rest of the week. here's kim brown with a look at the traffic. here on the top side of the outer loop at harford road you will see heavy volume from about here to about providence road, thankfully things are moving but at a very slow pace. i'll have a complete report when we come back. now let's check the buses and trains with mark jones. >> good morning.
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the numbers 97, 98 and 120 are running on the bus system about 10 to 15 minutes late. number 51 taking a diversion at wilkens and pulaski, construction on the scene. and also diverted at fulton and eagle due to watermain break repair. and number 17 diverting at corporate and international. marc looks good for travel. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. if you're anything like me,
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6:39. four groups, neat ideas but will the historic senator live on? find out what the plans are. the fort hood shooting suspect will likely plead insanity. we have the latest details. towson is taking a road trip. on thursday morning you'll see
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a bunch of tigers with instruments playing in front of macy's on 34th street in new york! we're looking outside at some rain moving through the area. light rain towards the new york area and looking at drizzle left over behind it. essentially maryland's most powerful doppler radar is showing the breakdown of the rain steady overnight and now just showers and leftover drizzle into the afternoon. 51 degrees on the thermometer as an afternoon temperature. we'll warm up a little but more rain expected as we head through thanksgiving. that forecast in a couple of minutes. three days of talking, still no verdict. >> that's what we're going to tell but, ahead, what the jury said before they went home yesterday. >> several notes from the jury are giving us some insight. i'm linda so. details on what the notes said and why we could be closer to a verdict. don't rip your most precious treasure, your child. >> the largest crib recall in our history. very important information that
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could save your child's life. it's flooding so bad it's causing bridges and roads to crumble. you'll want to see this video. and they may have lost to the colts but some ravens, hey, man, they can tear it up in the kitchen. they are trading in their helmets and pads for pots and pans. ws. check. teeth. check. bottom. needs work. sorry, son. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection with pieces left behind. introducing new charmin ultra strong.
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6:44. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> let's look at the weather, same as yesterday? >> you thought we had it bad, check this out. first we want to start with incredible flood video from the uk where flood waters rose so high that area bridges are literally crumbling. look at that. 1,800 bridges in england are shut down because of high water. the worst flooding in 60 years which mind you, means they had flooding like this 60 years ago. needless to say, forgive me, i'm about to butcher this -- the worcester in the hills area.
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it seems like a lot in the very short time. this may make this seem easier. yes, we had rain yesterday, overnight and this morning. mable on the light side -- mainly on the light side though we had heavier rain overnight. and it's beginning to taper off as it pushes east but 95, through harford and cecil county still wet. and we have leftover drizzle around as well. the storm is not that strong, it's winding off the coast but we're left with the northeasterly breeze to keep keep us cool and damp and the chans of drizzle will continue. this is all low cloud cover back to the ohio valley. next storm comes in here in time for the travel time tomorrow. with watch our time line, not a lot of moisture until tomorrow midday. then rain locked up pittsburgh back into the mountains, if you've traveling back in towards ohio it will get a little wet. we'll get wet during the afternoon and evening tomorrow. the chance of rain will continue through thanksgiving. this upper level low will actually rotate on top of us giving us a better chance of rain on the big shopping day
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friday. today plan for it to remain cloudy, showers and drizzle at 51. more of that drizzle tonight at 45. thanksgiving forecast in a bit but here's kim with a check of the traffic. more volume, more problems plus the rain is equaling out to a slow commute on the top side of the beltway at harford road. these delays stretch way past providence, fortunately just one incident in the area that is going to be on the inner loop at loch raven boulevard that currently blocks the right shoulder. another crash on the outer loop at ritchie highway, so the roads are slick, just be careful. in annapolis, crash on the scene eastbound route 50 at ritchie highway, brooklyn park, westbound route 170 at sixth avenue, downed trees have that intersection closed in both directions. in baltimore a crash still at russell street. and crash at the harbor tunnel thruway at o'donnell street, reported at the top of the exit ramp so be careful. as we look at the city cameras this is russell and lee streets, no problems inbound
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off the bw parkway heading inbound. we're heading into day four of jury deliberations in mayor sheila dixon's theft trial. >> when they were asked yesterday the 12 men and women said they did tell the judge they were making progress. abc2 news linda so joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the jury will be back again this morning. so far they deliberated for about 18 hours over three days. and still no verdict. the jury went home monday afternoon after sending a note to the judge saying "we have not completed the deliberations but we're making progress. " they asked if they can continue tomorrow. the judge let them go home saying he wants to follow the jury's lead in this case. earlier in the day it appeared as though the jury could be close to a verdict. they sent a note around 11:30 saying they were making great progress. then another note seeking clarification on a piece of state's evidence. juror number 11 wanted to know whether a list of needy families compiled by a dixon aide when she was council
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president was still considered a valid exhibit. the judge said it was. the lead prosecutor in this case says he's not surprised there's still no verdict. >> not totally unexpected. >> not totally unexpected? >> absolutely not. so, i've been around long enough to know you can never predict what a jury will or will not do. >> reporter: deliberations will resume at 9:00 this morning. we'll be in court and bring you a verdict if there is one. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> thank you. remember, abc2 news is going to stay with the story. we'll be waiting for a verdict and as soon as it becomes available we will bring you the information. if you can't watch us on tv you can get us on-line at we have an overnight video to show you from a bus crash. this morning, of an mta bus crash in rosedale. the bus slid off the road and down a hill after colliding with another car. this is video of the bus being pulled from a ditch. this crash happened 10:00 on franklin square drive and abigail drive.
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we're told two people from the bus along with two people from the car were taken to the hospital but their injuries do not appear to be serious. there's no word yet on what caused this crash. anne arundel county police need your help to find a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in glen burnie. this happened over the weekend. happened around 2:00 saturday morning in the 100 block of west ordnance road near roberts court. police say matthew burgess was hit by a car going east. described as either a ford explorer or mercury mountaineer, either way it appears to be a suv or bigger car. burgess died at the hospital and police tell us that the car's turn signal and side mirror are probably broken. if anyone has information on the crime they want to hear from you. 6:49. when you put your baby at night down to go to bed you feel they are safe, right? >> but there's a very important warning for you parents out there. the largest recall in the united states history. sherrie johnson is following this story and has the details. >> reporter: the consumer
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product safety commission has issued a recall of more than two million stork craft dropside cribs. some of them have the fisher price logo and the problem with this crib is the dropside feature. one side lowers to allow easier access to the baby. its plastic hardware can break, deform or parts can end up missing. the dropside can also be installed upside down, all these problems can cause it to detach in one or more corners. dropsides have been linked to four deaths and many injuries. >> there was never any warnings about these cribs. and, after research we found that a lot of these cribs had caused injuries and deaths. >> this is a very dangerous product that we have in almost every one of our homes. don't risk your most precious treasure, your child and get rid of the dropside crib. >> reporter: this latest recall involves dropside cribs manufactured between january 1993 and october 2009.
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you can find more details on our web site at and when the web site comes up click "more top news," scroll down and click where it says "cpsc issues massive baby crib recall." parents should immediately stop using the cribs until they receive a repair kit. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:51. the latest on the suspect in the mass shooting at fort hood. major nidal hasan's lawyer says his client will likely pursue an insanity plea at his military trial. he says the court must consider his client's mental status because the allegations against hasan contradict his lifestyle and military career. he's charged with 13 counts of pre-med tornado murder in the november ath shooting and remains in intensive care. a maryland soldier killed in the shooting was laid to rest yesterday. friends and family said goodbye to lieutenant colonel juanita warman of havre de grace. she was a military physician
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assistant, helped service members cope with the mental strain of deployment. she was at fort hood to get ready for her own deployment to iraq. she worked at the perry point medical affairs center in cecil county. it's the first of a kind law in the country and one step closer to being approved in baltimore. the city council voted for a proposal that would force pregnancy centers that don't provide abortions to display that fact on signs outside their clinics. that bill passed 12-3 last night. it it would require the four pro-life clinics in the city to post signs stating that abortions are not available. >> it's not so much the sign that harms the pregnancy centers, it's the message it sends. it's the message that an elected body that is supposed to represent the constituents of baltimore city in this case has said pregnancy centers lie to, deceive women and can't be trusted. >> a woman off the street or in crisis might go thinking oh, this is where i'm going to learn about my options, the people that will help me.
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in truth they get limited information, sensored information that is often inaccurate. >> a spokesman for the mayor for sheila dixon, told abc2 news she's reviewing the legislation but hasn't made a final decision on it. the future of the historic senator still unclear but there are four people still interested in placing a bid. including the owner of the charles theater and towson's radio station wtmd. the proposals call for expansion, apartments, live entertainment, a review panel will study the proposal and make recommendations to the mayor. the city took over the theater after it failed to sell at auction. while the mayor awaits the verdict she's still running the city. she signed a bill expanding live entertainment at restaurants and taverns and defines live entertainment as music, deejays, standsup comedians, magic acts. bar owners hope the bill will boost business. if you're travel to ocean city the trip got a little easier.
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the route 90 bridge is reopening at 10:00 this morning. this is several weeks earlier than expected. the 38-year-old bridge closed in mid-october after inspections found deterioration requiring immediate attention. workers removed the damaged bridge span, replaced steel girders, poured new concrete and installed the new pavement and stripes. first, a huge honor for towson university marching band. the only university band in the country to be part of this day's macy's thanksgiving day parade. students, faculty and staff at towson gave the 230-member band an official sendoff. >> what i'm very proud of is the camaraderie in the band. for many students it's their family away from home. it's how they spend their time. >> reporter: the parade is thursday in new york city. the three-hour event starts at 9:00. they can tackle, catch
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footballs and -- except sunday score touchdowns >> ouch. >> some of the ravens traded in helmets and pads for pots and pans to help feed the needy in maryland. look at this. edgar jones, jared gaither, brandon mckinney and prescot burgess battled against each other at espn zone to create the most delicious and original culinary creation. who do you think won that contest? >> i'm going to day prescott. >> me, too. >> the cookoff brought food to be donated to the maryland food bank. coorld -- according to the espn zone, mckinney was the winner. he made a caribbean chicken dish. you can go down to the espn zone and try it out through the end of the nfl season. they look like they know what they are doing. 6:55. we got ourselves wet weather this morning. looks like tapering off to plain old drizzle leading through the afternoon. i'm watching rain through bel air and aberdeen pushing
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through 95 and cecil county. another shower around downtown baltimore to glen burnie. drizzle this afternoon, 51. tonight drizzle and fog, 45. 54 tomorrow. rain returns in the afternoon and evening and looks like a chance of rain on thanksgiving, near 60 but then we'll drop to 48 with steadier heavier rain friday and over the weekend lows near freezing. 50 and dry saturday. still two crashes on the beltway, one is on the inner loop at loch raven boulevard, another crash on the outer loop at ritchie highway. follow me at to give you a complete list of all the incidents we have this morning. thank you so much for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> see you again at 9:00. get to work, get to school and then turn us on. 9:00. see you then.
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